Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Page 4 Completed!!!!

Wow can you believe I've drawn this much in 3 days!
I feel unstoppable! I'm really trying to add the spot black when ever I can to help give the eye something to jump around to. I definitely can notice the energy and depth that is added with blacks now. I noticed in conversations about Joe MAD, I kept reffuring to the energy in his pencil work, and it made me notice the absolute lack of energy in my own work as it was before...SOooo
I'm trying to think out of my personal box, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results!!
Maybe all this time away from drawing regularly helped me see things clearly with a sense of perspective!!!!

I hope you like the inked panels they will be colored after I get done with Page 8.........?
I need to keep moving forward with my pencil and ink work so I don't get content!

Edit: I've added 2 panels to this 4-5 Five seems empty because of an effect of color I am going to use to add depth!!!!!!!

Look Who's finished !!!!!! Page 4 all done all in all it took about a week if you put all the days together that I spent working on it! Wow I gotta' speed up!

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