Sunday, November 25, 2007


This wasn't referanced but a friend of mine told me he thought it looked like Adriana Lima?????

Again an oldie but a goodie!

No name.........

Done for some one as a request, But Ironically I havent seen the person since I drew it!!!!!! LOL!

So they have never seen it, BUT YOU HAVE!

1 month old!

The League of funny Gentlemen

I don't remember why I drew this?????

But here it is again!!!!!
I remember hating it though- But now I like it!


This was a Penelope Cruz, Warm up!
From way back!

Oldie but a goodie!

Wow does anyone remember this????

I found it on my hard drive!!!!

I always liked this pic!
I want to put up all of my fav's on here since they aren't anywhere else on the net anymore..................(CRY)

Pg 1 - Pg 2 -Pg 3 !!!!!!!!

I'm Going to put all 4 up here in order To help my last post make more sense!

I always thought that after the original movie Galvatron was handled very badly by the regular series writers, and thought they never made him evil enough to be taken seriously as an enemy to the Autobots, So this was my attempt to harden him up.

So heres the Story:

After UNICRON was destroyed, Galvatron who was created by the enormous powers of UNICRON, knew that there was still a great power source left over after the destruction of his Master. The autobots had recovered it and decided it was to powerful for anyone to have so under the sharp Guidance of Optimus Prime (Who was brought back to life in the series) sent this power source deep into the vast reaches of space?????? Yeah well I had to give them something to do- (The DECEPTICONS) So this was the start of the recovery story that was going to set the tone for Galvatrons Destruction of the calm world the autobots so desperately wanted,.....but was way to boring for BOTS and Viewers alike!!!!!!

I was going to have lots of death and destruction after this, but Life happens and POOF' you're done!

P.S. These were also my first "Colors over Pencil pages" I did these without refrences so there not accurate representations of said characters!

Plus I drew most of these panels at work during......"Free Time"!!! I wanted a sketchy feel but ended up with less than that!!! LOL

Transformer pages.

This was the never seen Page 4, from a short Transformer story I was doing for fun!

It's the image that crashed my last Blog!!!


So this page is about a year old???





These are just a few of the hilarious things that were dancing through my head after I woke up this morning and the Smurfs were on my TV!

I used to love the smurfs as a kid, I had all of the McDonalds, smurf toys!
So this was my first drawing of the day....I HAD TO DO IT!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Team-up from 05!!

Me and Vic at it again!!!!!
Just found this in my files and had to post it!

This was my first real drawing in months!

I was really stuck on some thing I said to my friend Victor about thickness and mass? (Sabertooth's ass!) and I had to do something that let me feel I had any grasp of the concept as well!

So like Victor I chose an awkward pose and set out to see if I could capture a sense of Mass, or weight. And since I had Sabertooth on my mind of course I drew Wolverine???

I think I pulled it off?? Let me know.
Good or bad I wanna know!

The Cap'N makes it happ'N!!!!!

I've been trying to warm up for some pages by doing these little work-out drawings!

1 1/2 hours, This is really how I warm up, I need to feel like I finished some thing on a picture to feel ready to knock out pages.


Ernie and I did this at an Artist Jam, and one hour later!!!!!!!

I primarily did the Fat baby and Ernie did everything else, Plus colors!

and yes thats flying POOP!!!!!!

30 min sketch!

I just wanted to draw some thing straight through while watching TV! So I used my new green microns!