Saturday, December 15, 2007

My new colorists sample panel!!!!!

This was a no instructions no advice, just show me what you are thinking about doing with my panels!

This was done from a low resfile from this blog she didn't even have an original file??????

I think it's absolutely beautiful and had to share!
I can only imagine what she can do with a whole page!!!!!!!

I'm as happy as a clam in a BUCKET!!!!!!! LOL
I might be taking this down soon but I had to share it!

Plus she is one of the only people who I talked to who would do a sample.......It shows her great character, and understanding of the artistic process!

As a penciler I would have to go through a lengthy tryout process to even be considered for a professional paying job. To hear the other colorists reply to my request you would have thought I was asking for their first born. When their portfolio's did not show me anything that said" They can do this" I would ask for a sample panel. and they would get Irate it really bothered me all day so I had to write about it.

I talked to a couple of pro colorist whos page rates are comparable to DM7. but after I sat all night looking at her portfolio I realized my limited vision as an artist to not have noticed that she could bring these type of moods to something I had drawn. I started sending her notes almost begging her to color my stuff instead of the other pros' I knew she was going to make my stuff better than they could!!!!!! Because she was thinking outside the box while I was trapped in it!!!

Wow this is like an emancipation of my expections for my artwork! I'm just so excited to be working with such a wonderful colorist! P.S. She's a really nice person to boot!

AND SHE IS FROM THE NETHERLANDS!!!!!!!! I just got international!


Anonymous said...

This is from G, S and J. We all think it looks great. Love the mountain effects. Susan liked it, and she doesn't like much

Arik tha GREAT said...

i kinda expected more. :) i'm kidding. this looks fantastic colored. i love how she did the wine. wine in champaigne flutes lol, but it adds more to the image then not knowing what the hell he's pouring. yea the clouds look great, i'm kinda wondering whats up with the color bleed on the carpet...didn't you tell me these are painted? watercolor? whatever it still looks awesome. love the shadow across the rug, thought out from the light source. kudos to your new color buddy.

DADICUS said...

Thanks man I'm sure she knows how much everyone loves this stuff already!

Anonymous said...

You should consider pursuing her as your colorist...kinda like a Lee/Sinclair kinda thing. Just a thought.