Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pg 1 - Pg 2 -Pg 3 !!!!!!!!

I'm Going to put all 4 up here in order To help my last post make more sense!

I always thought that after the original movie Galvatron was handled very badly by the regular series writers, and thought they never made him evil enough to be taken seriously as an enemy to the Autobots, So this was my attempt to harden him up.

So heres the Story:

After UNICRON was destroyed, Galvatron who was created by the enormous powers of UNICRON, knew that there was still a great power source left over after the destruction of his Master. The autobots had recovered it and decided it was to powerful for anyone to have so under the sharp Guidance of Optimus Prime (Who was brought back to life in the series) sent this power source deep into the vast reaches of space?????? Yeah well I had to give them something to do- (The DECEPTICONS) So this was the start of the recovery story that was going to set the tone for Galvatrons Destruction of the calm world the autobots so desperately wanted,.....but was way to boring for BOTS and Viewers alike!!!!!!

I was going to have lots of death and destruction after this, but Life happens and POOF' you're done!

P.S. These were also my first "Colors over Pencil pages" I did these without refrences so there not accurate representations of said characters!

Plus I drew most of these panels at work during......"Free Time"!!! I wanted a sketchy feel but ended up with less than that!!! LOL


Kid Flash said...

this is nice to see because I'm just now getting into the Transformers comics. I bought War Within last week, which was a pretty good read. Good stuff, man. it's cool to see you putting new poop up.

DADICUS said...

Thanks man it feels like coming home?
A lot of my friends on the old blog ask about you! LOL

Thats weird.

Yeah I'm really pushing hard to make so art growth happen!

Stash said...

really, they do? haha That's cool. Hey, man, when are you gonna come over and visit again? I've got a really kickass watercolor that you'll probably like.

DADICUS said...




I'll try to stop by soon to see it.

Stash said...

Wtf is so funny aboot that!?! Everyone calls me that, and that's my name on every website i go on. I haven't been on my blog account in forever, so i updated it, you bitch!! lol

DADICUS said...

No "N" word please. Unlike you a have friends of all colors.

"F-ing White supremist"